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SR-Sweet-Sweat-Workout-Enhacer 450

Sports Research - Sweet Sweat Workout Enhacer
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Sweet Sweat greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process during vigorous exercise. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people might think. And like all energy consuming processes, SWEATING BURNS CALORIES. A lot of us have difficulty breaking a good sweat on our problem areas (the stomach for men, the upper thighs and waist for women). Sweet Sweat will cause an additional increase in circulation to these areas promoting a "good sweat."

Sweet Sweat may be used as often as you like, preferably with every workout, as there are no harmful side effects from use. In addition Sweet Sweat's clean, fresh scent which will take away the fear of feeling offensive during and after a heavy workout.


  • Targets "Slow To Respond" Problem Areas
  • Substantially Improves Circulation and Sweating
  • Accelerates Thermogenic Effect During Your Workout
  • Enhances Muscle Activity While Fighting Muscle Fatigue
  • Stimulates Your Sweat Glands to Release Built up Toxins
  • Fights Painful Injuries Such as Shin Splints, Pulls, and Strains

Customer Reviews

   made me sweat
Review by  Janette Molina  2/2/16
The sweet sweat made me sweat in places I never knew that I could
   You're Missing Out
Review by  Ricardo Velasquez  2/1/16
You're Missing Out If You Don't Have This!!!
   Love it!
Review by  Rakan Alhaidah  1/27/16
This product has always worked so well for me! Love it!
   It's really amazing
Review by  Brandon Beach  1/25/16
It's really amazing how you can work out so much for such a long time and the damn belly pooch stays there forever
   the sauna
Review by  Lauren E Hagwood  1/23/16
I can't workout without this stuff! I use it all the time have been for years. Helps you sweat even more in the sauna
   sweat more!
Review by  denise  1/18/16
This really works! As soon as I put it on I start to sweat, but once I start working out I sweat more!
Review by  Kenny W  1/18/16
   sweat A LOT!!!!
Review by  Laurie  1/16/16
Love this sweet sweat, makes my skin soft, & it also makes my mid section sweat A LOT!!!!
   Highly Recommend!!
Review by  titleistfan  1/16/16
This product is great!! The stick makes it easy to apply and the results stands out!! You will see a drastic difference between where you put it and don't!! It really creates a sweat and makes your work out that much more effective. The smell is also not bad! Highly Recommend!!
Review by  Paola  1/13/16

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Additional Information

Target Health and Wellness
Main Ingredient White Snow Petrolatum
Supplement Facts

Sweet Sweat Supplement Facts

Ingredients: White Snow Petrolatum, Kosher Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Acai, Pomegranate, Coconut Oils, Kosher Jojoba, Camelina, Squalane Oils, Aloe Vera Extraxt, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Fragrance

Directions of Use

Application: Before exercise, apply an ample amount of SWEET SWEAT to the skin coating all desired areas without rubbing in. SWEET SWEAT is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio, circuit, and high interval training.

For best results: Do not use other creams or lotions when using SWEET SWEAT. Lotions and creams create a barrier on top of the skin preventing SWEET SWEAT from working. SWEET SWEAT should be worn under loose fitting clothing to prevent friction and increase “breathability." SWEET SWEAT can also be used while swimming, and in dry or infrared Saunas

Removal: After exercise and the normal “cool down” period, towel off SWEET SWEAT first before showering.

Important: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Sweet Sweat contains all natural oils and should kept away from direct sunlight at all times. Do not leave in car as product may liquefy at temperatures above 95°F. If melting occurs, place at room temperature or refrigerate until product becomes solid again. Use a pre-wash stain remover on clothing when necessary.

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