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Annette's Specialty Dough Low Carb Crunchy Bites - L

Annette's Low Carb Crunchy Bites
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Say goodbye to unhealthy snacking! Our low carb & high protein crunchies are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. High in protein and low on carbohydrates, this crispy, crunchy, and  guilt free snack can definitely become your best friend in times of cravings! Now available in different flavors to match your taste. Make the right choice and replace the occasional bag of crisps with these munchies instead, which also makes a healthy low carb snack dish for sharing! Delivery is available in UAE and across the GCC.

• 80% Less Carbs • Enriched in Protein • Good Source of Dietary Fiber • 0g of Trans-Fats • Controlled Low Sodium

Net Weight 35g 

Size: 35g (1 bag)

Protein: 7g

Fat: 3g

Nutritional Information: 35g serving

100 kCal (calories), Protein 7g, Total Net Carbohydrates 6g, Fat 3g, Dietary Fibers 6g, Sodium 0.14g.


Enzyme enhanced wheat and wheat protein, vital wheat gluten, vegetable fiber, Herbs & Onion flavor, canola oil, salt, butter, enzymes, sucralose.

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