إي ڤي إل نيوترشن - CLA 1000
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إي ڤي إل نيوترشن - CLA 1000

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  • Naturally Sourced Weight Loss Support

Evlution Nutrition’s CLA1000 is sourced from pure natural safflower oil, providing high quality Omega 6 Linoleic Acids that cannot be produced by the body and have to be obtained through your diet.

CLA1000 is stimulant-free so it can be used any time of day to help support the breakdown of stored fat while helping retain lean muscle as part of a healthy diet and exercise.

Plus, CLA1000 can be stacked with stimulant based supplements during workouts to help boost your results.

  • Fat Loss Support

CLA is believed to have multiple modes of action to release and burn fat. First, CLA may affect enzymes that cause fat cells to reduce the amount of fat stored.

CLA may also enhance the level of fat burning the body produces, allowing the fat in the bloodstream to be transported to the cells and burned at a higher rate.

  • Metabolism Support

CLA is an omega 6 essential fatty acid, which supports increased metabolism. The increased rate of metabolism provided by CLA ensures that fat is burned to produce energy. During exercise and calorie deficits, it targets stored fat; and the energy produced acts as a fuel to support exercise and lean muscle.

  • Protect Muscle

CLA helps support preserving your muscles against the catabolic effects of dieting and exercise. When you are reducing calories during dieting, CLA supplementation before or during workouts could make a difference by targeting fat instead of muscle.

  • Stimulant Free Formula

CLA1000’s stimulant-free formula is a versatile way to support the key factors to achieving a lean body and weight management naturally!

CLA1000 works through multiple modes of action to help the body burn fat while preserving muscle to help you perform at your best! And it’s made with uncompromising quality in the USA, using the best ingredients and exceeding all CGMPs (current good manufacturing practices).

  • Stimulant free
  • Using stored body fat as fuel
  • Recovery after intense training
  • Lean muscle development
  • Metabolic rate
طريقة الأستخدام

As a dietary supplement, consume 1 serving of CLA1000 with morning, noon, and evening meals or use as directed by a physician or licensed nutritionist.


  • Not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions; those taking any medications; those under the age of 18 or women that are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

معلومات اضافية

قد تختلف القيم الغذائية باختلاف النكهة
Serving Size 1 Softgel
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 10       
Calories from Fat 10       
Total Fat 1 g 1%*
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.75 g       

CLA Blend

(Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Sunflower Oil)

1,000 mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Purified Water, Glycerin.
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 تم تأسيس إيڤولوشن نيوترشن من قبل مارك سبينر، الفائز في سباق دراجات الموتوكروس. حيث صمَم سبينر على جعل "إي ڤي إل" واحدة من العلامات التجارية الرائدة في تصنيع المكمِلات الغذائية والرياضية، ونجح في ذلك. تقدِم "إإي ڤي إل " الآن مكمِلات غذائية ورياضية متنوعة، بِدئاً بمكمِلات الطاقة وما قبل التمرين، ومكمِلات الاِستشفاء وما بعد التمرين، ومكمِلات الأحماض الأمينية، إلى المكمِلات المضادة للأكسدة.

إي ڤي إل نيوترشن Image


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بواسطةBilalفي2020-01-17 05:53:00
great price
بواسطةABHIMANYUفي2019-01-13 01:18:00
بواسطةعبدالرحمنفي2016-07-23 16:14:00
only buy and use EVL products
بواسطةFelicityفي2016-02-01 19:04:41
I absolutely love CLA1000 by EVL. I now only buy and use EVL products :-)
Diane Caube
great products
بواسطةDiane Caubeفي2016-01-30 23:20:32
EVL Nutrition has great products. And this one is awesome if you are trying to lose fat but retain the muscle you are working so hard for.
from a quality company
بواسطةNicoleفي2016-01-29 03:51:18
EVL is one of my go to companies for supplements. This CLA Is currently helping me keep from gaining too much excess fat during a bulk. Quality product from a quality company.
Great product, brand and price!
بواسطةsundazhuanفي2016-01-28 12:20:03
This product is absolutely phenomenal. I have used several other brands of CLA's before trying this one out. To be honest, I switched to this product because it was much cheaper than the other ones I was using. This ended up benefiting me phenomenally because it was the most effective! Great product, brand and price!
Alicia Pontes
Enjoy the results
بواسطةAlicia Pontesفي2016-01-26 22:58:09
This CLA1000 is great and a great price. Can't beat this product and they have excellent Fish oil to. Enjoy the results.
loose fat and build muscle
بواسطةMicahفي2016-01-26 20:57:56
EVLution Nutrition's CLA1000 is a great product! Like every EVL produt it does exactly what it says. It helps you loose fat and build muscle. I would recommend to anyone!
Frank Musiol
Awsome product iv tried
بواسطةFrank Musiolفي2016-01-26 13:47:07
Awsome product iv tried countless others. And they claimed to be stimulants free but would keep me up all night. But not with evl cla1000. Stimulant free. Actualy uses stored body fat as energy and improved my recovery time from the gym
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