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Between 2005 and 2009, for five years in a row, CellMass, a BSN product, was declared the Product of the Year. It is one of the most popular products in the sports nutrition industry nowadays. CellMass is designed for post-workout and nighttime periods, as it enables recovery and activates performance. These three processes are combined as a result of a unique mix that contains minerals, amino acids and key electrolytes, designed to refuel muscle cells at fast rates, to maximize ATP stores but also to saturate any growing muscle.

AVPT, abbreviation of Advanced Volumizing and Performance Technology, found in CellMass represents a mix of four creatine analogs which improve the transport, uptake and also effectiveness of creatine. Thus, muscle recovery is achieved at a faster pace than ever before. AVPT features:

Sodium Creatine Phosphate Matrix: this is a sodium salt derived from creatine phosphate and it is designed to improve water solubility. As it reaches the bloodstream, a transporter dependant on sodium chloride is the one that pushes creatine into muscular cells. Thus, as we combine creatine and sodium, we can improve the uptake and enhance creatine transportation.

Creatine Ethyl Ester-Beta-Alanine Dual Action Composite (CarnoSyn®): This is the newest proprietary blend of BSN and it improves the solubility of creatine in water and lipids. However, BSN does not only increase water and lipophilicity, but the addition of Beta-Alanine also features hydrogen ion buffering. This follows up after a research that studied the muscular “burning” sensation during a post-workout session. It was concluded that the lactic acid might not be the sole responsible for this event, as hydrogen ion accumulations are also shown to contribute to the sensation, them being a by-product of metabolism. Beta-Alanine is added in order to improve carnosine creation, which is a dipeptide that can both decrease lactic acid amounts and hydrogen ion accumulations.

Creatinol-O-Phosphate-Malic Acid Interfusion: This is a creatine analog that supports cardiovascular functions, but also increases the oxygen availability rate, endurance and it improves work capacity and duration until exhaustion. ATP represents our energy within the body that enables muscle contractions and also the repair of muscular tissue. Creatine plays a role in phosphate carrying, that is donated to ADP and ultimately creates more ATP, thus providing more energy. Malic Acid is also added, being a Krebs Cycle intermediate which plays a role in the ATP production phase.

Creatine AAB™ (Creatine Alpha-Amino-N-Butyrate): This is the fourth creatine analog provided by AVPT. In comparison to other matrix analogs, the current one also has anti-catabolic effects. Leucine, the most known BCAA, is metabolized and transformed into ketoisocaproate that is further metabolized into alpha amino-n-butyrate. The final metabolite supports protein synthesis and it also minimizes protein damage that results from hard training sessions. Creatine absorption is enhanced with the aid of this bond, thus becoming more effective, but anabolism and anti-catabolism are covered by an important element.

Glutamine AKG 2,000mg: Glutamine represents the top anti-catabolic amino acid. If you overtrain, you will experience a low plasma glutamine level, but CellMass is designed to alleviate or even to prevent any side effects associated with overtraining.

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معلومات اضافية

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AVPT (Advanced Volumizing & Performance Technology)




الغلوتامين AKG



Muscle Cell Uptake Proprietary Matrix



ثنائي فوسفات الكالسيوم، ثنائي فوسفات البوتاسيوم، ثنائي فوسفات الصوديوم

* تستند النسبة المئوية للقيم اليومية على نظام غذائي يتكون من 2000 سعرات حرارية. إن القيم اليومية تكون أعلى أو أقل اعتمادا على احتياجات السعرات الحرارية الخاصة بك.

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بوليمرات الجلوكوز المعدلة (Maltodextrin)، منكهات طبيعية وصناعية، استرات البوتاسيوم، حامض الستريك، سوكرالوز (Splenda®) ، سيليكات الكالسيوم، FD&C Red #40

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* إرشادات الإستخدام أيام التمرين:

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للحصول على حصتين: اخلط مكيال واحد مع 150 مل من الماء أو أي مشروب آخر مفضل لديك مباشرة بعد التمرين (على معدة فارغة) و اخلط مكيال آخر بنفس الطريقة قبل أو بعد 6 – 8 ساعات الحصة المأخوذة بعد التمرين (أيضاً على معدة فارغة).

* إرشادات الإستخدام في غير أيام التمرين:

للحصول على حصة واحدة: اخلط مكيال واحد مع 150 مل من الماء أو أي مشروب آخر مفضل لديك عند الإستيقاظ (على معدة فارغة).

للحصول على حصتين: اخلط مكيال واحد مع 150 مل من الماء أو أي مشروب آخر مفضل لديك الإستيقاظ (على معدة فارغة) ومن ثم مكيال آخر بنفس الطريقة بعد 6 – 8 ساعات الحصة المأخوذة عند الإستيقاظ.


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 - يمنع منعاً باتاً استخدامه لمن هم دون الـ 18 سنة.

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اضف تعليق
dunno what it does!
Omar - 30‏/9‏/2018 I've bought this supplement and used it for about a month to try it out! i can't tell you what it does exactly!
true mass
ahmed - 14‏/1‏/2016 it will give you more 3 pounds in the first week but no other effect.
best ever
dumpeur - 7‏/5‏/2015 i use cell mass for 3 month and realy is the best supp of recuvery ever i realy love the teste and the effect i recomend it
very nice very good
ali alhossani - 15‏/8‏/2013 From first day i feel more bower and my arm became pamping it is the best
من اول يوم قوه غريبه وانتفاخ في الجسم احس اني وحش و ضهور عروق شي عجيب
Decent Product that does deliver reseults
Tall Dave - 24‏/1‏/2012 Here is my take on Cellmass. I am no expert, and have not tried tons of different supplements. However, this product does have benefits. With the my knowledge of the ingredients this supplement is tailored for a specific type of person. Basically this product has a few different Creatine compounds just as creatine-phosphate. And yes, creatine has been proven to increase muscle strength and endurance. So it does help with that.

This product is a great deal, and won't fill you with useless extra ingredients like much of the muscletech products. It says to use 2 scoops of it a day, while I use just one immediately following training, which is also taken with a protein supplement. I say for the price, give it a shot.
zhulk91 - 24‏/1‏/2012 I purchased this about a month ago and it is an amazing recovery drink, but Cellmass by itself not stacked with the other BSN products is not as effective as a pure creatine like I have taken previously. On a side note I was only taking this after a workout instead after a workout and at bedtime like is recommended
Works great but burns a hole in my pocket :-)
Eric - 24‏/1‏/2012 I stack cellmass with nitrix and NO-xplode. The arctic berry flavor tastes great, it's a real treat to have. Now a days my workouts are great. I have plenty of energy, and I'm really pumped in the gym, those last 2 reps are getting easier. My lifts have all gone up in the 2 weeks that I've been on cell mass, and my recovery is great as well. This is my favorite creatine that I've tried. The only reason cell mass isn't getting 5 stars is because using 2 scoops a day burns a hole in my pocket. But good workouts are priceless!! I'll be using cellmass for a long time to come.
Nice supplement
Perry - 24‏/1‏/2012 I have been using this product along with BSN N.O.Xplode, and my recovery time has been minimal. I can workout hard and suffer little soreness. One container last a lot longer with this product, because a serving is much smaller than other products.
Working really well
hayes_45 - 24‏/1‏/2012 Iv had half a jar of fruit punch and so far it's worked well iv noticed a lot of improvement in all my swells and lifts and fruit punch is delicious and not chalky like other creatine Im buying again
Best Creatine
Assassin - 24‏/1‏/2012 THE BEST CREATINE OUT!!! Ive only been through about half of this tub, maybe a LITTLE more, and it made my muscles in my arms and chest hard. Note I do go to the gym every other day so if you lift weights, this is great to take!!! The best creatine out!

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