Affiliate Program wants to provide you with a simple and easy way to make an extra income!

Our affiliate program is made simple to ensure ease of use while maintaining accurate tracking measures. Simply put; you can make money by just referring your friends and acquaintances to buy from


Program Structure

We offer an excellent commission structure that is impossible to resist:


- 5% Commission on all new customer online orders placed through a referral coupon code.
- 5% Discount given to every customer who uses the referral code to place an order.


How do I Join?

You can join by following these steps:

1- Sign-up by following this link:  

2- Once approved you will be provided with a username and password to access your account and view your commission history.



3- You will be provided with a coupon code that you can send to your friends and acquaintances.



-When the referred customer visits and places an order using your code, the user will get 5% discount, and you will get 5% commission.**
- You will receive a confirmation email for every placed order.
- You can use the money you make through commission to place an order anytime from our website, or you can cash the amount every time your balance reaches 1,000 AED.


** Order value should not be above 2,500 AED in order to use the coupon code.