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Iron Gym Ab Straps

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Iron Gym Ab Straps

Iron Gym Ab Straps

About This Product

IRON GYM® AB STRAPS are designed to work in conjunction with any of the versions of the IRON GYM® total upper body workout bar. These fully adjustable, padded, heavy-duty straps are easy to fit and once attached to your IRON GYM® allow you to complete more advanced abdominal exercises.


  • Develop & strengthen abdominal muscles
  • Heavy duty canvas design with velcro adjustment.
  • Target your lower abs, upper abs, oblique’s and entire core - get strong and ripped... Quick!
  • Attaches to any pull up bar in seconds
  • Adjustable – One size fits all!
  • Padded for maximum comfort       

What’s in the box:

  • IRON GYM® Ab Straps 2pcs

About This Brand

Iron Gym is known for multifunctional and easy-to-use home training equipment. The Original Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar was launched in the U.S. autumn 2008. It quickly became the most sold fitness product and a category leader, selling over 20 million units to date.

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