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3 Training Tips to Help You Build Bigger Arms

3 Training Tips to Help You Build Bigger Arms

April 3rd Training And Programs

3 Training Tips to Help You Build Bigger Arms

If you’re looking for tactics to help you build bigger arms, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 3 training tips that you can use to help you along the way:

Arm Training Tip No. 1 - Train Triceps for Arm Size

Even though the bicep gives you the “peak” to your arm, the tricep muscles make up to two-thirds of your arms, therefore making them the most important muscle to train if you want to build arm size.

Here’s a list of some of the best mass-building tricep exercises you can do:

  • ● Close-grip bench press
  • ● Dips
  • ● Overhead dumbbell triceps press

Arm Training Tip No. 2 - Bicep Exercises

Once you’ve included a few tricep exercises into your workout, it’s time to add in some bicep exercises to sculpt the peak into your arms.

Different bicep exercises target various parts of your bicep. However, the following exercises are ones that can help you develop a well-rounded, bicep peak:

  • ● Bicep curls
  • ● Hammer curls
  • ● Incline dumbbell curls

When training biceps, the best rep range that most of the famous bodybuilders adhere to is anywhere from 8-12 reps - 3 or more sets.

Arm Training Tip No 3. - Finishing “Blaster” Set

A lot of bodybuilders finish their arm workout with a “blaster” set that completely exhausts your triceps and biceps, giving them the opportunity to grow back stronger and bigger than ever.


Here’s a sample blaster superset you can do at the end of your arm workout:


  • ● 10kg barbell bicep curls to failure
  • ● 10kg barbell overhead tricep extensions to failure


The key here is the “to failure” part. Because it’s your last set, and that means it’s your last chance to do everything you can to exhaust your muscles and leave nothing left.