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3 Weight Training Techniques to Skyrocket your Strength-Endurance

3 Weight Training Techniques to Skyrocket your Strength-Endurance

April 2nd Training And Programs

3 Weight Training Techniques to Skyrocket your Strength-Endurance

Strength-endurance is all about training your muscles to work harder for longer. Let’s take a look at some awesome and intense weight training workouts that will help your muscles to last the distance.

1- Pyramids

These can be done with either machine weight or free weight exercises and you will need three different weight sizes that you can easily switch between.

Do one set of each of these, with no rest in between:

  • ● 12-16 reps (light)
  • ● 6-12 reps (medium)
  • ● 4-6 reps (heavy)
  • ● 6-12 reps (medium)
  • ● 12-16 reps (light)

Your muscles should be crying out for you to stop by the end of this!

2- Negatives

You’ll need a training buddy for this one. Select a weight that is heavier than you can lift yourself. Get your training partner to help you push or pull the weight. Then for the lowering part of the movement, use as much control as you can (go slow!) and lower the weight by yourself. Repeat for 10 reps and then immediately follow with an unassisted set at your regular load to give yourself an added muscle burn!

3- Isometric holds

Choose a weight that is slightly lower than what you’d normally do. Lower, or release your weight with control, and then do the push or pull part of the movement (or vice versa, depending on the exercise). Hold the weight at the hardest part of the movement for five seconds on each rep. For a bench press the hold is at the bottom of the movement, with your elbows bent at right angles (before you push). For a seated row it’s the point where your elbows are drawn all the way back (after you pull).

All of these techniques increase the time under tension of the muscles, as well as the intensity of the exercise so you can improve your strength-endurance.