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4 Nike Shoes to Elevate Your Workouts

4 Nike Shoes to Elevate Your Workouts

September 29th

4 Nike Shoes to Elevate Your Workouts


If you think about it, your shoes are your body's contact point to the ground, your foundation for any kind of movement or exercise. With so many options in the market, choosing the right pair for you can be tricky and there is so much more to consider than the color and the design of the shoe, unless of course you're looking for something to casually wear when you go out.

When it comes to training, there are shoes that are designed specifically to bring your foot closer to the ground and offer more stability and support by implementing more rigid materials in their construction. Running shoes on the other hand are designed to absorb the impact of your foot as it hits the ground, stride after stride by utilizing lighter and lower density materials.

We hand-picked these four new shoes for you to help you perform your best in your next workout:

1.Nike Air Max Alpha Savage

Inspired by the classic late-90's cross-training DNA combined with a modern design, these shoes offer superior Air Max cushioning in the heel, a padded collar for added comfort and a heel pull tab for easy on and off.

This is a great looking shoe to wear in and out of the gym. Although not ideal for heavy lifting, this shoe will perform well in most environments. The Air Max sole makes it very comfortable for daily wear.


Comfort: 5/5\
Support: 3/5
Rigidity: 3/5
Shock absorption: 5/5
Lightness: 3/5

2.Nike Free Metcon 2

This cross-training hybrid shoe is designed to offer great rigidity and support without compromising on flexibility or comfort. The mid-foot cage locks your foot in place offering great stability, while the sock-like fit and the foam mid-sole allow you to move freely.

This model offers the perfect balance between a lifting and a running shoe. Suitable for heavy lifting and any kind of jumping, it won’t weigh you down when running.

Comfort: 4/5
Support: 5/5
Rigidity: 5/5
Shock absorption: 4/5
Lightness: 5/5

3.Nike Lunar Fingertrap TR

With a unique woven-like design, this model features a lightweight and breathable top material. The shock-absorbing Lunarlon soles, combined with a great arch support and a comfortable heel bed, make this shoe ideal for everyday wear.

This is a great all-round gym shoe, offering a springy and soft cushioning combined with a rugged sole.

Comfort: 5/5
Support: 3/5
Rigidity: 3/5
Shock absorption: 5/5Lightness: 4/5

4.Nike Flex Contact 3

As the name suggests, this model focuses on lightweight materials that are flexible and shock-absorbing. Featuring a lightweight knit top material, combined with a flex grooved sole and dual density foam mid sole.

This running shoe is designed to fit your foot like a sock that’s easy to slip into. It offers pressure-free support and follows the natural flow of your foot, making it ideal for running.

Comfort: 5/5
Support: 3/5
Rigidity: 2/5
Shock absorption: 5/5
Lightness: 5/5

Now that we’ve got your shoes covered let’s go for a workout!

This high intensity workout will get your heart rate going and will boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after. The best part? It can be done anywhere!

- Warm up: Light jog for 5 minutes, 30 jumping jacks, 15 squats
- Cool down and stretch after your workout

Timing: Work for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. After each lap you get a 30 second break before you start all over again for a total of 4 to 6 rounds depending on your fitness level.

  1. 4 squat jumps + 4 jumping lunges

Squat and jump, lifting your feet off the floor for 4 reps, then immediately do 4 jumping lunges.

Option: normal squats and reverse lunges without the jump.

  1. 5 push-ups + 10 mountain climbers

Complete 5 push-ups lowering your chest to the floor and then immediately do 10 mountain climbers driving your knee to your chest.

Option: drop to your knees for the push-ups and extend your legs for the mountain climbers.

  1. 10 bicycle crunches + 5 leg raises

Lie down on your back, hands behind your ears and elbows wide open. Bring one knee close to you while extending the other leg and at the same time twist and touch the opposite elbow to           your knee.

After 10 reps place your hands to the floor and perform 5 leg raises without touching the floor.

Option: Just bicycle with your legs with your hands on the floor and bend your knees for the leg raise.

  1. Broad jump into squat (back and forth)

Starting in a squat position, swing your arms and jump as far as you can, landing in a squat position again, repeat the same and jump backwards.

Option: Do a smaller jump or step back and forth instead of jumping.

  1. Plank with opposite arm and leg raise

Start with your legs and arms straight and your hands right under your shoulders. Raise your left     arm and your right leg up while you keep your body steady.

Option: Just lift your leg or don't move at all, holding a plank.

  1. 10 high knees + 2 burpees

Complete 10 high knees as fast as you can, then drop your chest to the floor, get up and jump   for two reps.

Option: Do low knees and half burpees with your arms straight.

By John Karpathakis Bsc. P.E., Head Coach @ F45 Training Dubai Marina