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5 Awesome Tips for Energy Boosting Workouts

5 Awesome Tips for Energy Boosting Workouts

April 2nd Training And Programs

5 Awesome Tips for Energy Boosting Workouts

For various reasons, there are some days where you’re just not going to have as much energy as others. Maybe this is one thing that is holding you back from really getting into a regular exercise program? On these days you might not be able to get through a full intense workout, but most of the time you’ll feel better doing SOMETHING. Here are 5 awesome tips for the days when you just don’t feel like doing anything!

1- Just Start

Don’t think about the hour-long workout you’ve got ahead of you. Instead, just think of it one step at a time. Tell yourself you’ll do it for one minute and see how you feel. Then think ahead to the next minute, and then the next minute after that.

2- Get Outside

If you are tired, it might be because you’ve been cooped up inside all day. See if you can take your workout outside or at least go for a brisk walk outside to help you to feel refreshed

3- Mind-Body Exercise

Maybe you’re really physically exhausted, and you didn’t get much sleep the night before. Try a mind-body workout such as restorative yoga or tai chi to help re-energize your body and get it back on track.


4- Workouts don’t need to be long

You can get a really effective workout in a short period of time. Get out your skipping rope and do a couple of minutes of skipping or type ‘short workout’ into YouTube and see what you can find. Just a couple of minutes can really help to re-energize you, and remember that a short

workout is better than no workout at all!

5- Make it fun

Choosing a workout that you find fun will help you to forget you’re working out at all! Doing something active, that’s also fun will help boost your spirits and your energy levels. ‘Fun’ means something different to each person, but try a social sport, a dance class, or even some paintball!