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5 Habits to Quit This Ramadan

5 Habits to Quit This Ramadan

May 12th

Ramadan is the month of worship, prosperity, doing good and losing sins. As people tend to enjoy themselves with Ramadan’s spirit with their families and friends, they usually forget that purifying their bodies and souls is one of Ramadan’s most significant purposes and highest values.

While everyone is throwing hints here and there about things you should be doing this Ramadan, we are pointing out a couple of bad habits, which you can quit during the holy month, because Ramadan is the best time to make habits, and break them too!

1- Waking up feeling angry and irritated

Training the soul in good deeds is what Ramadan all about. While you fast from foods and drinks, you also guard yourself from anything that may lead to losing the benefits of your fast, as Allah mentioned this in the Qur’an by saying: “"O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so perchance you may attain Taqwa.". Anger and bad mood might accompany you the whole day, which will make fasting even harder, would you want that?

2- Rushing to eat that rice, meat or chicken dish after “Allahu Akbar”

Having a glass of water, warm soup, yogurt and dates simply rewards your body and nourishes it with hydration, nutrients and healthy, natural sugar. Rushing to eat carbohydrates and proteins once you break your fast will only lead to slow digestion and discomfort. Try drinking water and soup then leave the table for Maghrib prayer, so you could enjoy your favorite dishes afterwards.

3- Napping after Iftar

As good as it sounds to lay down and nap after Iftar’s feast, as much as it could lead to weight gain and burning sensation. The reason behind this fact is your metabolic rate, as it reaches a low point during sleep, leading to weight gain. Avoiding this habit is surely an important factor of weight management, unless you were someone who is trying to gain some weight.

4- Planning to watch each and every series showing in the holy month

Series showing in Ramadan will be all repeated after the month ends. In the month of the Qur’an, try to create a strong connection with Allah by studying the holy book and reciting it, praying in the nights of Ramadan and using this month to obtain forgiveness and blessings from Allah.

5- Fake promises about breaking bad habits

Make Ramadan this year a special one, make it count. Quit that habit you promised yourself and your loved ones to quit last year, but apparently, you are still doing it. So if you fast without praying, start praying. If you are a smoker who is trying to quit, go ahead! Make the holy month count as a precious chance and a turning point this year, and every year.

Ramadan Mubarak.