Most of you cannot believe it, that I am still going strong at 74. Trust me, at times I also fail to believe it myself. At 74 years I always had this notion that I would be retired somewhere perhaps living in a care facility for people my age, but here I am, strong and living so independently I can barely believe it. So when people get shocked when they learn about how old I am, I normally take it easy because I can understand their awe. I do have my reasons for working out at this level, not just to stay fit, but even to compete. One thing that I can tell you for sure is that with or without my reasons, I feel much better every other day.

There are so many people who for some reason normally believe that they cannot afford the expenses or the time to work out, or to become bodybuilders. If you take some time and think about this carefully you will be able to realize that this is all but a farce, and if you are keen you will be able to do so much. Of all the questions that I get from time to time, one of those that interest me so much is how so many people wonder about my training schedule. People normally ask me how it is that I managed to compete barely a year after I started working out. For sure I can tell you that it is not, was not and will never be easy to achieve that, but the fact that I did it means that it is achievable. Besides, I know there are so many people out there who have done what I did or even better, so this is no miracle either.

When you are working out especially for a competition, chances are high that you will come across a lot of people at the gym who are also working out to participate in the same competition. A lot of bodybuilders normally pay special attention to these competitions in order for them to be able to better themselves in the process. This is not all there is to training, but the stuff that you will learn from them is amazing. When you are working out and meeting other individuals, you will get more information on what is going on, the competitions or other events that you might not have known about. When you learn about these you will be more informed than you were earlier.

You can either choose to attend the competitions as a participant or as a spectator so that you can size up all the other people who participated and know what you need to do next, or learn a thing or two about the competition for the next tournament that you participate in. I came to learn so much about competitions and competitors through this way, and it normally encouraged me to keep working harder every other day until I was able to compete against the best. If at my age I can still keep going, why not you?