Whenever you mention weight lifting a lot of people immediately shift their focus to some huge muscles and similar sights normally associated with those who spend lots of time at the gym. In as much as this is the case, it is always a good thing to try and make sure that you at least understand what is involved before you can go on and start pumping your lungs out. You will most certainly come across the sport in the Olympics and it is as competitive as you might imagine. There are those who are interested in competing in weight lifting as a sport, while there are also those whose interest only lies in getting that body size that they have always dreamt of, without having to compete in any sports for that matter.

There are two important things that weightlifting is all about; flexibility and functional strength. If at all you have been working out yet you cannot attain these two things, chances are high that you are doing something so wrong somewhere. You can spend so many hours at the gym lifting weights but if you keep doing it wrong, you can be sure that you will never be able to enjoy some good results.

Did you know that amazingly in as much as many people are of the misconception that weight lifting is a dangerous affair, the incidences of injury are so few? As a matter of fact the International Weightlifting Federation puts this figure to only 8%. Considering the size of the weights that the participants normally have to endure, this is a significantly easy statistic to deal with.

At the same time when you compare weight lifting with other sports like tennis, track and field events, the incidences of injury in weightlifting are minimal. According to reliable statistics, the probability of a weightlifter to suffer an injury is at least once in every 166,000 hours of training. This is an astonishing statistic when you take into consideration the fact that some of these individuals normally lift weights almost twice their bodyweight.

There has been an argument as to how effective or safe the lifting of such weights is to the body muscles. Based on the same, it is worth mentioning that such muscles are naturally elastic and will not even break in the course of any heavy lifting. The main reason why people consider weightlifting is because of the unique manner in which it stimulates the muscles. This is one of the few sporting activities that will actually make use of as many muscles in the body as possible. Apart from using the muscles, it also goes further to stimulate the nervous system in similar fashion.

In as much as many weightlifters might be gifted with the ability to lift really huge weights, you will notice that not all of them are ever bold enough to attempt Olympic lifts. This is because a good number of them never really have the required skill to make such attempts successfully.