Why is it that whenever we try out something new and it does not work the way we hoped it would, we immediately take to complaining about how useless everything is. From the new supplement that we just tried out to a new diet plan or even a training fitness regime. We can never easily admit to the fact that we just failed because we were not good enough. It is rather natural and easier for us to assign that blame to someone else other than to take responsibility for our own shortcomings. It is very common today for individuals to try out something new, not give it enough time to bear results, and then when they get disappointed they run for the message boards, and start complaining.

What is more interesting in this whole scenario is the fact that we spend an awful lot of time trying to find the next big thing, from magazines to blogs and websites. We normally carry out what we refer to as “as much research as possible” before we decide to take something and start using it. However as soon as things go south, we forget about everything else and vent so hard about it, some even hurling expletives at the designers of the supplements or the new training regime. Have you ever taken time to consider the fact that perhaps the problem might not be with the new supplement or the new training program, but the problem might actually be with you? There are so many times when I have had to deal with this problem in the course of my bodybuilding career and I thought it necessary to at least address the issue for other bodybuilders out there to be aware.

What I know for sure is that we really need to start seeing things the way they are, and not what we want them to be. By placing all the blame on the products that we use, we are avoiding the real issue here, which is that we are either not as motivated as we should be, we are not working as hard as we should, or at times we are just not good enough. Nobody wants to be told that they are not good enough. As a matter of fact this is one of those things that can really crush someone, being told that they are not worth all that they think they are. However, it is better to get the truth that some half-baked lies to boost your ego.

A lot of things can go wrong with you and this can make it hard for all the new stuff that you are working on to help you succeed. It can be your diet, perhaps you are ill, or maybe you are just trying too hard. At times we try so hard we end up overtraining and this can be very disastrous. Perhaps the next time before you try to buy something and lay blame on it for failing to deliver the results you had expected, you might want to consider evaluating your situation first so that you understand why it failed to work for you; after all, it is working for someone else.