Success never comes easily even to those who appear to have stumbled on it. If for some reason you know someone who might have stumbled on success, they will tell you that getting there was easy, but keeping it up has been a trip to hell and back. The bottom line is that no one can be successful without giving so much more to the cause. You have to work hard, harder even and keep doing that. You have to work smart – apparently that counts more today than working hard, and you have to be motivated. Gone are the days when miracles used to happen, and perhaps the only people who get to enjoy easy success are those who are born into royalty. The rest of us out here, we have to work harder every other day, that’s the code that we live by. In as far as your strive to achieve success is concerned there are so many times when you might have come across challenges that made you think you were not good enough. In your mind, everything plays out clearly to the point where you actually think you are not good enough. Here’s the shocker; all those challenges that you faced were just excuses. The real problem is you; you are your own worst enemy!

It takes a little more than hard work for you to become a success in whichever field you are in. you have to be motivated, you have to be determined. There are those who normally claim that bodybuilders have this natural predisposition to become successful from birth. In as much as so many bodybuilders will want to take pride in how far they have come and make you believe that, no one is ever born that way. We all just realize that we have something to work for and we keep working at it so hard until we get it.

The body can naturally only go so far, and then from there it will be up to you to take it the extra mile. Everything lies in your mind in your resolve to succeed. The stronger the resolve to succeed, the easier it will be for you to succeed. What I have come to realize throughout the time that I have been working out is that most of us set the limits in our lives even without knowing it. We hinder our own progress through our regressive actions and thought processes. A lot of us are so afraid to fail and it is because of this that we set our sights and goals so low that if we fail to achieve them we will not feel so let down. What is a shame is that you actually plan to fail to achieve your plans.

Though we need to set our sights higher, this does not mean that we should try to go for unattainable or unrealistic goals. That will only make you try harder and die trying. You have to ensure that you do not block your development process through shallow thinking, but set sights on achievable and realistic goals that can actually challenge you.