It takes a lot more than just the desire to become a bodybuilder for you to make it. From the gym to your diet and other aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle, it is more than just showing up on time or following your training schedule religiously. There is so much more than just determination and motivation that will keep you at the top of your game. If you have to become a success you must be able to sweat it. You have to give it your all till there is nothing more to give but you still keep going on.

Every other day that I go to the gym I meet and see different types of people. There will always be a new face at the gym, one that might catch your eye really. Take for example this young lad that I saw at the gym on a particular weekend. From the way he was working out, you could easily tell that he had a lot going on his mind. The manner in which he was attacking the equipment at the gym with such gust you would imagine he was preparing to face off with the Hulk. I admired his desire, his determination, the way he was not anywhere close to giving up. At some point I started imagining what was going on in his mind. Perhaps he had had enough of being criticized or ridiculed of his size, tired of being the weak guy everyone loves to bully, even the girls. He really was training like he had a point to prove. Every other person at the gym was going on about their business as usual without taking notice of this young chap. However, much as I admired his drive, I knew one thing for sure; it would only last so long.

I see such kids all the time, they come in here with all that passion, some even anger welled up inside and they take it out on the equipment. They train like their lives depend on it, but give them a week or so and you will not get a whiff of their scent anywhere close to the gym. Really, if someone would pay me each time I would see such kids come to the gym I would have stopped working out and bet everything I owned on being rich. So what really happens to such kids?

When they come to the gym, they are so determined, but soon reality catches up with them. Soon they realize that there is so much more to working hard at the gym than they can handle. I will not lie to anyone that it is hard being a bodybuilder, but I will tell anyone who wants to try it just because they think they can, that you could die in there. In this generation self-esteem counts for much more than the effort you put into anything you do. This is why most people like that unfortunate young man never make it past a few weeks at the gym. Because when things get so hard on them, they take the easier way out, run!