Athletic Training Programs

Athletic Training Programs

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Athletic Training Programs

Whether you’re training for a marathon, or have just joined a CrossFit gym, training for a specific goal requires high attention to detail and hard work. That’s why it’s essential that your athletic training program is specifically designed to cater to your goal.

Let’s break down the various types of training for specific goals:

Training to Build Muscle Mass

Building muscle comes down to three simple variables: resistance, time, and movements.  Resistance is the amount of weight you put on the muscle. When training for size, our goal is always to induce hypertrophy; the easiest way is to overload the muscle – generally with high weights and low reps. And since you are training with high weights, longer rest periods are needed. In terms of exercise, we will want to use large, multipoint movements to recruit the most muscle tissue.


Endurance Training

Endurance training is all about increasing volume with every workout until you reach your goal. The best way to train for running is to actually run. Of course, there are many exercises we can do to enhance strength and speed, but the fundamentals start with running. Start by giving yourself weekly targets, 5km a week is a good goal to begin. If that is too easy, you can work in higher volume or train with hills and descends to overload the muscles.


Mobility Training

This one is for all the gymnasts, calisthenic athletes, and parkour runners. Mobility is essential to your skill and sport, and it relies on your daily activities and your posture; the way you sit, stand, walk. Training for mobility takes time and dedication. The best way to mobilize the joints is with thermotherapy – a fancy way of saying you warm the muscles and joints up before training. So, next time you are about to train for mobility hit the showers then get to work.