Why you should avoid sugar by all means

There is so much content online and in magazines about just how dangerous sugar is to the body. In particular if you are the kind of person who is keen on body building, sugar might as well be your worst enemy of all time. Sugar just has this way of destroying your body fat that you must be keen on. I came across some interesting articles online about the same topic and decided to read through them. I was intrigued at what I found, but most importantly I kept wondering how something so sweet can be so dangerous.

Well, sugar is normally associated with a high glycemic index. The result of this is normally a larger than normal spike in the insulin content in the body. The problem with having too much insulin in the body is that the system will use this to keep the nutrients as energy. When this happens, the body essentially will be storing fat instead of burning it.

There is so much that has been said about the glycemic index, how it is related to the level of insulin in the body and storage of nutrients. As a matter of fact this is actually considered a bone of contention among so many individuals because there are different views on the same. However, this is beside the point, but what really caught my eye was the manner in which the article really highlighted some of the dangers that sugar poses to the body.

According to the article, sugar is classified as an anti-nutrient. On the face of it I did not even understand what that meant, or even if a word like that existed. However, reading deeper it clearly defined the role that sugar plays in the body as an anti-nutrient. In short, sugar is one of those dead foods that add no nutritional value to the body, and as a matter of fact, sugar has a negative nutritional value.

Each time we consume sugar, the body needs to find a way of processing it because it naturally cannot. In order to do this, the body needs to make use of some nutrients to process the sugar content in the food we eat. However, it is sad that the body gets these nutrients from the muscles. That got me so shocked! Every time you eat sugar the body has to get nutrients from the muscles to process it. I remember reading that over and over again and each time I was astounded.

Any serious bodybuilder knows how B vitamins, magnesium and chromium are important to their bodies. However, the ingestion of sugar into the system only serves to decrease these reserves. These nutrients are very important when it comes to recovery after working out, and helping the body muscles to grow. Therefore a reduction in their quantity through the processing of sugar really poses a challenge to your body building target. So, do I have to keep eating sweet things at the cost of my muscles? No, I do not think so!