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Best Home Exercises for Weight Gain

Best Home Exercises for Weight Gain

April 3rd Training And Programs

Best Home Exercises for Weight Gain

In our busy lives, getting to the gym multiple times a week can be difficult. If your goal is gaining weight but you can't get to the gym, there are some very effective exercises you can do at home to reach your weight gain goals.

Here are the top three exercises you can do at home to keep up with your weight gain goals.



Lunges are a great compound exercise which help many muscle groups. They specifically target the quads, glutes and abs - many of your largest muscles. This is the best bang-for-buck exercise that will keep your weight gain goals on track. Keep your repetitions slow, and if you want to increase the difficulty try a Bulgarian Lunge.



The most versatile exercise and they can be done anywhere. The most important aspect to consider for weight gain is that the reps need to be kept low and the tempo needs to be slow. Try doing 10 reps of pushups as slow as you can - feel the contraction through the chest, triceps and deltoids. This will keep the muscles under tension for an extended period of time, stimulating hypertrophy and helping you gain weight at home.



We can't forget about total alignment and its importance in gaining weight. Planking is a great exercise for developing total conditioning and balance throughout the body. Planking is not an exercise that will help you to directly put weight on, rather it will help boost strength and balance, making it easier to progress in the mass building exercises like lunges and pushups.

Keep in mind that if you don't have weights to use at home, these can be done completely with bodyweight only. When you're exercising at home, keep the repetitions slow and controlled. Next time you can't get to the gym, try these three exercises at home to hit your weight gain goals!