Growing a big body with less than 50$ a week

Believe it or not, you can actually get to grow your body with only $50 a week, or even less. Frank McGrath of IFBB has been there done it all, and shares his insightful ideas on how to go about this. Things can get tough for most people especially when you do not do your research well enough before you start working out. One of the main concerns that a lot of individuals have is how to keep fit while on a stringent budget. Though a lot of people cannot believe this because I am now a pro, I have been there.

You do not have to eat chicken throughout the day or buy all the expensive stuff listed on so many body building websites and books. If you keep to that, you will go broke before you know it, and besides, you might even go crazy eating all that chicken in one day. I put myself to task to buy supplies for a week with $50 or less, and it turned out just fine. When i walked into the store, I was immediately tempted on what to buy and what to pass. It was quite challenging though but I managed to skip the chocolate cakes and the bacon.

I took some mayo, but after some thought, returned it to the shelf then made my way to the butcher. I have always been a beef person so it was easier to make my first purchase in this section. Steak sounded awesome, but so *** expensive, so I opted for the 80/20 ground beef (family pack). At around 7 pounds and under $20, that was quite a bargain.

Most people are not aware of the fact that canned tuna is pretty cheap. Considering the fact that each can delivers 30 grams of protein and you do not even have to cook it, I took 7 of them for almost a dollar each. The next stop would be the egg section. With each carton of 18 eggs going for $3 and delivering 6 grams of protein per egg, spending $6 on the eggs is not a bad idea. Besides, 5 eggs for each meal would give me around 30 grams. In total, with around $30 I already had taken care of my protein needs for the week.

Carbs are an important part of this diet whether we like it or not, and the best thing about it is the fact that pasta comes so cheaply, at 99 cents on the pound. Considering that each pound could serve 8 meals, ingesting 40 grams of carbs and 200 calories for every 2 ounces served, you cannot miss out on this. You do not have to spend time selecting because they all deliver the same results, perhaps if you fancy a particular type.

You might need some sauce to spice things up so that you can get to enjoy every bit of your meal. Do not forget that after torturing yourself for 24 hours, you at least have to enjoy the meal. Two cans of sauce at $3.

I ended up spending $48.21, under $50 for the whole shopping experience but my meals were just the way I wanted them; good enough to build my body.