Those who are in the fitness industry know just how challenging it can be for them to go through some of the holidays that pack the calendar year. There are a lot of days when you want to be with someone but your schedule cannot allow you to dedicate as much time to them as you would have loved to. Besides the workout part, there is the issue of a diet. Most diets for bodybuilders are so strict that you can at times feel so guilty going out of your way to treat someone to a nice meal while yourself you are on a diet. These are just but some of the challenges that people face when it comes to working out, bodybuilding and their social lives. With all that in mind, you can imagine how extraordinary it can be when someone proposes to another on stage. Well, do not rack up your brain for answers; Brandan Fokken and Amber Orton are one lucky couple thanks to their workouts.

The two of them met through and had participated in competitions through the year, with Amber being a spokesmodel while Brandan became a team member at After sharing their contacts, they kept in touch and spent a lot of time talking through the following year. Most of their time was spent advising other participants, supporting contests, sponsorships and training others. When they met gain in Chicago at the 2013 NPC Junior Nationals, they had more than enough time to talk through what they were going through in person. After the tournament they went their separate ways and kept in touch. However, when they met again in Vegas, they knew for sure that there was no way they would want to spend another minute away from one another.

Even with the distance between them, they always found a way to be together. There were times when they would fly to meet one another in the different cities where they were participating in events, or meet halfway through their journey, but they made sure that they never spent more than 3 weeks away from one another. Brandan finally decide on the 2013 NPC Seven Feathers Classic that was held in Oregon as the opportune moment when he would take his chance. He had planned this all along and with assistance from Amber’s best friend, mother and older brother it all worked out.

Amber considers Brandan to be someone who cannot keep a secret, because he pretty much gave away the surprise before it even came to be. However, even though she knew about the plan, she was still shocked that he would go on with it and the marvels at the moment he went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. The fact that it was all caught on video and photos all over the competition really made that moment a special one in her life, and she insists that even though she knew it was bound to happen, there is no better way she would ever have thought about it.