How I burned the body fat away

I had tried so many alternatives to try and burn away all the body fat, but none of them really worked the kind of wonders I had always heard of from time to time. I even got myself running half marathons and steady state cardio but still could not get the kind of results that I had hoped I would get. Eventually I turned to weightlifting and competitions and this really changed my life. Going from 23% body fat to 15% and cutting down from 138 pounds to 116, I think I can recommend this for anyone who wants to achieve similar results.

When growing up I was actively involved in sports, and this really helped me keep my weight in check because I really ate a lot of junk food. I had this group of guy friends who would really influence my diet since I tried to keep up with them. We even had this 10 pm greasy dinner tradition that we never let go of. In 2005 things took a turn for the worst for me because besides the sports activities, I also started doing cardio lessons, and soon it became a habit I could not avoid. By the time my senior year was done, I think I was the thinnest I have ever been in my life.

Accomplishing my weight goals and keeping my body well-toned was not easy either. However, I realized that I could not wallow in despair and get depressed when all I needed to do was to reach out to someone and ask for help. I reached out to Ashley Horner and placed an order for her fitness plan and soon I was lifting my way to a good body shape. I was so enthusiastic about this and even went as far as waking up earlier to train at the gym so I could have my workout session completed. I do not think I have ever worked out harder in my life than this. I dropped all the junk food and started eating clean food while working out more often. In the end I was able to drop the excess weight, and replaced the fat with muscle.

I really liked how I was progressing, and even started taking photos of my progress through time. Honestly the progress photos marked a really important stage in my life because it kept me motivated to achieve more success. While others would prefer to step on the scale and watch their weight gain or lose, I avoided that and instead just kept the photos. Four months into this habit I looked at the photos and was amazed at how good I was doing, and this even got me more motivated to succeed.

The most challenging aspect of my workout schedule was the diet. I have this social circle that is really outgoing and popular just like most people my age. However, together with my boyfriend we started making changes to our diet. We stopped having unhealthy take-outs, frozen yogurt, drinking alcohol and evens topped going out for dinner. In the end it all worked out for me, and I have never been any happier.