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Calisthenics Workouts for a Fit and Toned Body

Calisthenics Workouts for a Fit and Toned Body

April 2nd Training And Programs

Calisthenics Workouts for a Fit and Toned Body

The word ‘calisthenics’ might sound like a complicated or even exotic new exercise fad. The truth is, it’s just another fancy word for body weight training. Because you’re very active and have been working out for some time, you might perceive calisthenics workouts to be a step back from the weight training program you’re doing at the gym.

This is definitely not the case!

Calisthenics workouts can be intensely challenging and can help maximize your results for both your strength and toning goals. Examples of calisthenics workouts include gymnastics, running, and martial arts such as mma. Just think of how toned the body of a competitive gymnast is! This is not achieved through pumping heavy weights at the gym, but instead by using the person’s body weight as resistance.

Ideas to incorporate calisthenics into your workout program

Take a look at your resistance training program and decide which exercises you’re ready to change. Replacing some or all of your free weight or machine based exercises with calisthenics can help challenge your body in different ways. For example, most calisthenics exercises will work your core muscles and stabilize muscles more effectively than their machine based equivalent. You simply need to ensure you select a calisthenics progression level that suits your strength ability.


Free weight or machine based exercise Calisthenics replacement
Leg press One-legged squat
Bench press or chest press Push ups
Lat pulldown Chin ups
Abdominal crunch machine Sit ups, crunches or planks
Shoulder press Handstand press


Including calisthenics in your workout program will help you achieve your goal of having a toned body. The emphasis is on strong, lean muscles rather than muscle bulking. You’re not restricted to completing them at the gym, so they also provide a great opportunity for anytime, anywhere exercise—no more excuses!

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