The working class and in particular the white collar workers are some of the busiest individuals in the world. Most of them work so hard that they dedicate their lives to their employers and sacrifice everything including their families just to make sure that they achieve their goals at work, or that they do everything possible to keep climbing up the corporate ladder. Some of these goals are normal and actually when you come to think of it, they are all realistic and natural. The desire to be the best you can be is a good thing. However what you should be very careful about is making sure that you do not lose the plot. Do not get too carried away by your corporate targets that you cannot achieve the basic things in life.

Thanks to ergonomics there are a lot of things that are currently being designed to make the workplace more comfortable, and as such entice workers to work longer hours without feeling the pressure of being at it for so long. From ergonomic chairs to so many other convenient measures that are taken to keep you working longer, none of these even come close to keeping you safe from the dreadful hard work. You carry out a lot of repetitive actions like typing throughout the day, and all these can have their toll on you in the long run.

There are long periods of inactivity that are experienced in the workplace. Whenever you have deadlines that you have to beat, you come to realize that you cannot function well unless you have beaten the deadlines. In such instances, you tend to overlook every other thing around you and center your life on beating these deadlines. There are incentives that employers are so crafty to tie to your long work hours, and each time you make attempts to gain them, you only make your life situation worse. Of course you can benefit from the money, the bonuses, the trips for those who worked harder or who delivered the best results, but what if you never meet them, will all your effort have gone for nothing? What about the time that you would have spent relaxing with your family or working out but missed out on just so you can work harder?

The white collar workforce is as a matter of fact one of the worst at keeping a proper diet, which in turn means a problem with nutrition. Each time you keep working hard and drinking coffee to stay awake and toil away at the computer. All of these are some of the challenges that you face when you are working in a white collar position.

However much you try to work hard to impress your employer, it is important to note that the employee is always replaceable at the employer’s will. Companies businesses and positions are not held in perpetuity, but they are going concerns. So one day when you are no longer useful, the best your company can do might be to demote you, or worse, get rid of you. Always try to make sure that you have the time to work out and keep fit, you owe it to yourself, and your life.