Every one of us has some goals in life that we really want to achieve. However if there is something that keeps us so far away from achieving these goals, it has to be the loss of motivation, the lack of discipline and the drive that should get us just across the line. We all have issues in life that we deal with, and for sure we all must deal with a lot. However when it comes to bodybuilding, nothing will matter more that how far you are willing to go. This is as a matter of fact the main difference between you and the rest of the world. While everyone else might give up, your desire to keep going is all it will ever take to push you so far. Many are the times when I have heard a number of people say how much they are planning to lose in terms of weight, and those who make New Year resolutions to get back in shape. There are so many other resolutions that people make from time to time, and all of these go a long way in determining how successful you can become.

I have to mention categorically that there is nothing wrong with making promises to yourself that you intend to keep. The most important thing however is whether or not you will be able to keep them. In order to deal with this whole issue of living up to the promises that we make to ourselves, how about you consider getting into contracts with yourself? This is not a joke, but a very serious issue. As a matter of fact you are going to get into a contract, and even append your signature to the contract. You need to structure a contract for achieving your goals. The contract should be designed in such a manner that you will not only plan for how you will achieve success, but you will also indicate what benefits you are working towards.

As is the case with normal contracts your contract will need to have long term and short term goals, you must have payoffs and benefits and most definitely there has to be rewards for attaining the overall goals of the contract. Finally there should be an action plan, the plan of execution, and the manner in which you will be able to work with the contract.

Before you jot down the plan, you must sit down and draft how you are going to make it. Draft everything that you are planning to do and how you intend to go about it, and from there you can easily move on to executing the plan. Once you have a blueprint that you are working with, it will be a whole lot easier for you to draw up the contract and finally sign it. The most important thing that you have to ensure is that you must keep it as realistic as possible. A lot of people would love to skip to the rewards already, but remember that this is only when you succeed.