By the time I came across bodybuilding I was at this age where everyone might have thought that perhaps I should never have tried it at all. Everyone might have thought that I missed something in my heydays and that was why I had to start bodybuilding again. However the most important thing to me was that irrespective of what anyone else might have been thinking, I had my own reasons for bodybuilding at this age, and I had my own motivation. Before I started this, I normally felt and even looked so old. In fact I think I used to act old. However, from the time I started bodybuilding everything else changed, and my life has never been the same again. I learnt so much, and gained so much from the process. In the end I had a healthy take on life and I felt stronger. My physique also benefitted a lot from the whole thing, but one of the things that I really appreciated about it all is that I was able to appreciate the relationships I had with those around me.

Apparently my goals were somewhat impossible and unrealistic – well, that is what I had been told by so many people. When I come to think about it, perhaps they were just being real, but I made it all the same, and it is a constant reminder to me and to those who saw me go from step to step that all it takes is your determination. From the few people that I counted on for motivation, I had a lot of goals and they would honestly tell me that I was aiming for the stars. However when it comes to my ultimate goal, I never told anyone about it because if they believed that my goals were unrealistic, what would they think of my ultimate goal? So I kept it to myself but never gave up. I was constantly reminded that I needed to work towards something that I could achieve, something that I could reach. However that is not the way I have lived my life so far. Come to think about it, I have been around for a very long time, and my philosophy in life has never been anything close to what they were telling me to do.

I had this philosophy in life that if I aimed for something in particular that might have been unattainable I might never have been able to get it. However, by aiming high enough to goals that others might consider unattainable but reasonably realistic, I would be able to at least settle for something better than fail at all.

Being 72 years old, yes, I started working out at 72, I had been told by a lot of people that I was thinking about living right after I had lived. However, this was not offensive to me, but just spurred me on. I kept on and surprised all those who thought I was out of my mind. If I did it at 72, what can stand in your way not to get there?