Why does everyone always pull a long weird face when you tell them to eat fat? There is nothing wrong with eating fat; as a matter of fact you need to eat fat. Fat has an important role to play in your body system that you can never take for granted. Misguided individuals will tell you that when you eat fat you will get cholesterol which is bad for your health and so many other things. Here’s the real fact; there are two types of cholesterol, good and bad. Believe it or not the body does need some cholesterol, the good ones, but not the bad ones. The same thing happens to fats. There are good and bad fats.

Monounsaturated fats are the type of fats that your body needs. These are fats that you can get form vegetables and nuts. They are the type of fats that are so important to the body because they will naturally reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore as you can see, this type of fat is actually a good thing to have in your system. The dangers of cholesterol are such that you cannot take for granted so if you can, just use the good fats and you will be good to go.

The good fats are not just about eliminating the bad cholesterol from the body, but they also work so hard in maintaining the level of good cholesterol in the system. Even as you plan to take some of these fats and include them in your diet, you should still understand that there is always a limit to everything. You have to monitor how much fat you take per meal. It is recommended that you take 10-15% fat as compared to your normal calorie intake.

Nuts in particular are a really good source of the good fats that you can eat and for this reason you can consider getting yourself some for your own use. Even in as much as a lot of people have opened up to the prospect of having the good fat in their food, it is important to note that it is not just about having the good fats, but there is so much more to the fats than meets the eye. When you eat the good fats you will benefit health wise without having to worry about gaining some crazy weight. Therefore you should try and keep your heads up for the good fats.

With or without the good fat in your system, you should make sure that you drink enough water, take your workout sessions seriously and do everything possible to make sure that you maintain a good body size and shape. Working out in particular goes well with fats. Even though you might be taking in the good fats, it is still important to make sure that you work out as much as you can so that you can keep your body optimally balanced and in the right frame of mind for your daily activities.