Eating right to build muscle

Here’s a funny thought; most people think that eating too much is the easiest way of gaining mass. In fact, most people think that when you eat a lot you will grow bigger. I had this mentality too, so I cannot say that I have once been a victim of that misconception. Whenever I was off season I used to eat almost anything that I came across. However, instead of becoming bigger than I had imagined, I got big, but on losing energy. I was much weaker than I had imagined eating too much would make me, until I realized I was going about it the wrong way.

I decided to work on a meal plan that would see me gain the mass I wanted, and still remain fit without eating too much, and it was a success. Today I can share some tips that will help you gain mass too, because they worked for me, am sure you will find them quite useful.

I always insist that anyone who wants to gain mass should focus on their protein intake. Proteins should form the most important part of any meal, and you can rest assured that any meal you have that does not have protein is simply not a good meal. After the proteins, carbohydrates come in a close second, and then finally you have to invest in some fat, though to me this is not as important as the other two.

Like any other nutritionist or body building specialist would advise, I also insist on drinking water. Water works wonders for the body in ways you might never imagine. Everywhere I go I always make sure that I have at least a gallon of water to keep me hydrated through the day. Bearing in mind that a single body cell has around 70% of water, you can understand just how important it is for you to have as much water as necessary.

Most of my meals that include meat are limited to 8 oz. per meal. This does not however mean that you have to keep track of how much meat you are eating, just make sure that you get enough protein from it all.

I have a number of meals in a day, pre-workout and post-workout meals are an addition to the obvious. In order to get everything right, I make sure that my meals are separated by at least two hours.

For anyone who is keen on adding some mass, supplements are an important part of the meal that you should not take for granted. Whey protein powder can be used as needed, some multivitamins and vitamin C.

I have always insisted on this point wherever I go; never miss any meal. The moment you skip any meal you will only end up messing your diet schedule, and getting back from that can be a tricky affair altogether. If you know you will be away for some time, try and plan your meals appropriately, and if possible, carry some packed food with you.