Lose or maintain your ideal weight by eating more

A lot of us can remember how much we loved to sing about and eat apples and bananas way back when we were children. However, today life has caught up with so many people and because of this it is a lot of us do not even pay attention to the importance of fruits to our lives. Most of us can fondly remember how we used to carry packed fruits to school in small tins; bananas, oranges and even apples. In as much as they say an apple a day will keep the doctor away, there are a lot more fruits that can help you keep the doctor away than just apples.

Today a lot of scientists have looked into the concept of fruits and health consciousness and all of the benefits that you can get from them. It is true that there are some fruits that when you keep on your diet long enough, you will have a better shot at better health and fitness. However, when you keep eating the same fruits over and over again, you will definitely suffer boredom when it’s all said and done. This is one of the main reasons why so many people today prefer to mix things up a bit. Even with fruits it is always a good thing to try and experiment whenever you can.

There are a lot of fruits that you can use for this purpose, and interestingly enough you will even come to realize that you might never have heard about some of them at all. They are not objects from outer space, but as a matter of fact they are fruits that do exist. If you take your time to look for them in stores and groceries, you will definitely not miss out on either.

The African cucumber sits on top of this list of fruits that you can enjoy. When you look at it, it pretty much resembles a sea monster, complete with the menacing spikes, yellow and red skin. However, when you eat it, it pretty much tastes like the perfect fusion of a banana and a cucumber all combined into one sweet succulent product. Why do you need this African cucumber? Well, when you eat this particular fruit, you will stand to gain close to 4 times the quantity of iron that you will get in a watermelon. Of course it is found naturally in Africa, but that does not mean that you cannot chance upon an export in the local markets and groceries. You can also find it labelled in other markets as the African horned melon.

This list is not complete without the jackfruit, one of the richest sources of Vitamin A known to man. It’s less sweeter than honeydew melon, though the taste is more or less close to it. If you want it fresh, you will have to be in South and Southeast Asia but then again, thanks to international trade, your local grocer might just have some so you do not have to get on a plane and travel the world to find it.