Whenever you are thinking in terms of beef, chances are normally high that you are thinking about the nutrients that you can get from there. Whether you are considering beef or just tuna, all these are alternatives that promise you some rich protein. However, is protein all there is to eating these foods? Is there something more than just proteins? Indeed there is; these foods also double up as one of the best sources of multivitamins required to help in building your muscles. For a fact anyone who is working out to gain some mass will certainly give serious consideration to proteins. It is a well-known fact that proteins can deliver the required raw materials that the muscles need to grow and rebuild especially after a serious workout.

The argument in favor of beef

One of the first things that will come to mind whenever you mention the word beef is the idea of a celebration. A lot of people actually cannot visualize beef without thinking of a party somehow. For athletes and body builders, there is so much more than just the celebration. As a matter of fact to them, the prospect of adding more protein to their bodies outweighs everything else.

There are different sources of protein that you can enjoy over time, and plants do provide some of these. However, the argument in favor of beef comes out strongly against them all. Beef has quite a number of proteins that the human body is made of. From myosin, actin and troponins that are available in the skeletal muscle to connective tissue proteins and collagen, all of these are available in the human body. Generally, animal meat averages 80% of protein, so you can understand just how much you can benefit from such proteins. When purchasing these from the butchery, always try and insist on the loins or the rounds because these are extra lean cuts with extra benefits.

Athletes also love their fish especially tuna for the protein content that it delivers to the body system. More than 80% of the calories that tuna has in its body are derived from the protein it contains. Therefore by including this in your meal, you will have gone a long way in making sure that you have one of the best meals so far for your nutritional and body building purposes.

As you try to work your way to a lean body with those amazing muscles that you have always dreamt of, do not give up on the supplements. In as much as you can get almost everything that you want to achieve by working out hard and eating right, at times you need something to give you that extra edge above your threshold. This is where supplements come in. It is also important to mention that even as you use the supplements, do not forget the importance of eating right and training hard. Supplements can only be effective when they are backed up with the right food, and with the right training schedule.