Forget about the misconception that only a select few can be able to work their way and gain the kind of body that you see on cover models. Everyone is able to have the kind of body that they want, with the right workout plan, determination and dedication. Stop dreaming about the six-pack or the v-tapers and get to work on a good regime and you will get the body size and shape you desire. Here are 5 steps that have helped a lot of people to achieve their goals.

Go beyond the limit

Most of us set our limits or our sights so low we can easily break them. This gives us the feel-good feeling which we do not really deserve. The most important part of working on your body size is to try and train over and above the limit that you have already set, according to BPI Sports co-founder and vice president James Grage. It’s all in the mind, so the more you train the easier it will be to get the size you adore so much.


You will get this pointer almost everywhere you go. Nutrition goes hand in hand with your exercises, and forms an important part of the training program. Living and eating healthy are very important to ensure that you get the results you need. The 90/10 nutrition rule should therefore come in handy. You can have Tupperware to carry with you to work. Alternatively you can monitor the type of food you eat, but once in a while allow yourself the chance to not be so perfect.

Allow the body to rest

This goes out to all the gym rats out there. It is a good thing that you are enthusiastic enough about your body and you want to work out more than 24 hours in a day. Well, if you can get the time, it would be a good thing. The interesting thing about working out is that once you start seeing the results, you can get over excited and want to push yourself harder. However, it is important that you allow the body time to rest. Your muscles will only ever grow if they are allowed enough time to recover. This is because in the process of working out, so many muscles get damaged by the rigorous routine.


Supplements should become an integral part of your workout schedule. You should use supplements as appropriately as you can so that they can help you increase the success rate. However, it is important to note that supplements alone will not give you the results you want. It all comes down to hard work at the gym and nutrition, with the supplements to add you extra focus and energy.


That you want to have an awesome body can be as far as you will ever get. That speaks volumes about your enthusiasm. However, in order to make it all the way you need to be motivated; you need to have a target at the back of your mind all the time. You have a better chance of success if you are motivated by something that has a personal meaning.