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Gain Weight Fast & Safely

Gain Weight Fast & Safely

January 29th

We always read articles with a title like; How to be skinny? How to lose 15 kg in 10 days? However, we rarely see an article that mentions how to gain weight, therefore here's that article you've been searching for!


Isn’t it frustrating when people tell you they want to be skinny like you or they simply assume that by eating more you can easily put on weight! And all you are trying to do is to put on some kilos for so long! Weight gain is a hard journey; it takes time and depletes a lot of physical and emotional energy.


A person can be underweight or so called “hard gainer” due to having very fast metabolism, or consuming insufficient calories throughout the day, genetics background or even having an illness. Unfortunately being underweight is more than just how you look; it can put your health at risk and cause you illnesses such as nutrients deficiency or anemia, growth development problems, poor immunity and fertility issues. That's why we will provide you with healthy ways to gain the weight you need!


Going on eating junk food or empty calorie sweets may help you to put on a few kilos, but it can ruin your health, if you want to gain weight, you need to do it right,  and remember it doesn’t have to be fast. You need to gain a balanced amount of lean muscle mass and sometimes gaining some fats is necessary.


The first step is to consume several meals throughout the day, specifically every 2-3 hours to meet your nutritional needs and gradually increasing your daily intake by 500-1000 calories to reach plateau. You need to include all three macro-nutrients: Carbohydrates for fuel (50-55%), Proteins (30-35%)  for preventing muscle loss and it is required to gain muscle mass not just fat! and Fats (15-20%)  for balancing hormones and most importantly to eat more calories than you burn. Enrich your daily intake with high healthy calorie foods such as; avocados, peanut butter, whole grains, meats, full fat yoghurt, milk, nuts, fresh and dried fruits and dark chocolate.


The hard part about gaining weight is that sometimes you need to consume a high level of calories when you don’t even have time to eat, prepare your meals, or if healthy food is expensive. In this case, supplements such as mass gainers are crucial to put on healthy muscle and fat weight. Creatine and amino acid supplements are perfect for optimal muscle gain, you can also try supplements for increasing your appetite.


It is also very important to include exercising in your weight gain journey. You can try lifting heavy weights since it will increase your strength to help you gain weight.


Bottom line is you need to fix your habits and start today not tomorrow! Sleep well, eat approximately 6 meals per day, workout constantly and last but not least add supplements. Keep in your mind that the weight you gain is going to help you reach the body goals you've always dreamt of.