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Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

There is a lot of information out there that will tell you that gaining lean muscle fast is simply impossible.  Don’t believe a word of it - gaining muscle fast is something you can do!

There are a number of things you can do if you want to build lean muscle fast, so, here are the main steps you need to follow.

1. Eat Lots of Protein

For your muscles to grow, you need to eat amino acids. Luckily for you, meat, fish, eggs and dairy are all protein sources that contain amino acids.

These amino acids are the building blocks that build, repair and allow your muscles to recover after a gym session.

PRO TIP: By eating a medium to large protein source at every meal, you should the right amount to build lean muscle.

2. Protein Shakes

Adding protein shakes into your diet will help you take in the amount of protein you need to be consuming each day.

Most protein shakes contain all the amino acids that your muscles need to build and become lean.

A good time to have a protein shake is after a gym session when your muscles will be super receptive to the amino acids in the shake. This is particularly important for building lean muscle.

3. Stay Hydrated

While this may not have been something you would not have expected to see in a post for building lean muscle, it is one of the most important factors.

If your muscles and body are not hydrated enough, you will not be able to build lean muscle. If the right amount of fluid is not present within the muscle cell, the muscles will not grow.

PRO TIP: Try to consume around two litres of water per day. This will be enough to stay hydrated and build lean muscle.