There are so many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in the world today that are so frustrated because their efforts do not seem to count for so much when it comes to meeting their fitness ambitions. A lot of these are usually people who are trying so much to either gain somebody mass or lose the extra body fat. Even after trying so hard for a very long time they still do not seem to be able to get it right either, and this is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to their lives.

When you talk to any of them, they will tell you that they honestly train harder than anyone that they probably know of, and try to eat as healthy as they can. Sleep is also one of the other things that they take into consideration and they often sleep well. Even by doing all this they are still not able to achieve the kind of success that they have been dreaming about for so long, and this is one of the reasons why they are frustrated. When you take a keen look into their lives and the lifestyles that they lead, for a professional bodybuilder it is very easy to determine the real reason behind their struggles when it comes to bodybuilding; these individuals have not been able to master the 3 things that make up a successful bodybuilder.

If you are keen on the work you do on your body, you have to be ready to strike a balance between your training, the lifestyle that you lead and your diet. This balance is very important and it is the only way through which you will be able to see some real results. Some people even refer to this balance as a 3-legged stool, without any of its legs it cannot be balanced at all. If at any given time any of the legs of the stool is either removed or shortened, the stool will no longer be stable, and will therefore not be useful anymore.

Training, your diet and the lifestyle that you lead work more or less in the same way that the stool operates. Without any of these, your bodybuilding balance will not be maintained, and if any of them is not done to the same proportion that the others are done, you will similarly not be able to get the balance you are working so hard to find. None of either should be considered a favourite because this will mean you spend more time on it, and as a result it will not be proportional to the others.

In as much as only these three make up the stool, it can always use a fourth leg, the dedication leg. You have to be dedicated, a very motivated individual so that you can be able to realize the fruits of your labour.  The fact that you are coming to the gym every other day is not enough. You must show some real dedication to the hard work that you are doing and have a burning desire to become successful.