A lot of people come to the gym from time to time with different ideas in mind, but not all of them are able to meet all the goals that they have planned out for one reason or the other. One of the things that I have come to realize about most of those who come to the gym over my vast experience in the gym is that people normally do not have realistic goals, and for the few that do, most of them have realistic goals but for all the wrong reasons. There is no shortcut to getting results, and I can give you free advice on that note. If you want to become a success at bodybuilding, you have to be ready to go all the way. No holding back, no shortcuts, just hard work all the way. However, the first thing that you will need to do is to set your goals, and set them right.

Setting goals is important because it is the goals you intend to achieve that will determine whether you come to the gym again in the morning or not. Without a proper set of goals all you will be doing is working so hard at the gym and getting nowhere so far. Realistic goals are not easy to set, and for a lot of individuals, it is always a good thing to talk it through with their trainers or with their nutritionists. This way you can tell them all that you want to achieve then together you will be able to realize what is sensible and what is not, and from there you can chart the map to success.

Setting goals is not just about wanting to become someone else or wanting to achieve particular results. The most important thing about setting goals is that you need to understand why you are setting the goals. Why do you really want to get leaner muscles? Why do you want to cut down weight? It is the driving factor behind these goals that will determine whether or not you set appropriate goals and how you will be able to achieve them.

It has been said before and I will also repeat it here that if you want to set your goals and keep to them, you must have a journal. Your training journal will help you determine what you want to achieve and if possible how to get through it. With the journal you can note all the changes that are happening in your system and how you are progressing with every day that goes by. The journal will be a constant reminder of how far you have come and how far you still need to go.

You should know at the back of your mind not just why you are working hard towards your goals, but most importantly why you need to achieve those goals. This is how to keep you motivated and determined. Do not think of the additional lean mass you want to gain, but think in terms of what you will be able to do with that lean mass.