If you really want to be a success in weight lifting, there is nothing as important as hardcore training. Weight lifting is not an easy task, and I cannot lie to you that it ever gets easier. It is hard core training all through from the first day to the day when you perhaps decide to quit and live a different lifestyle. You have to work so hard, battle with all your wits and fight off all the ides that you might have which can derail you. This calls for determination, dedication and motivation of the highest level. All of this you can achieve only when you are sure you have that drive to succeed in life.

Bodybuilding is more than just going to the gym every other day and working out, carrying those heavy lifts and so forth. It is a way of life. It is a code that so many successful bodybuilders live by. Forget about all those fancy stuff that you will come across from time to time, magazines and all, bodybuilding is pure guts, and intensely physical. Some of the gyms that have been used by some of the best bodybuilders in the world do not have all the fancy stuff, but they do have some really efficient equipment that have helped a lot of people make it in life. Ron Coleman’s gym is one such gym. When you walk in it is pure hard work in there, nothing fancy at all, not even a whiff. From the concrete floors that meet you when you walk in to the rusty bars, this is the real definition of hardcore.

When you watch some of these bodybuilders train, they will not even be focusing on all that fad stuff you read in magazines from time to time, but their emphasis is on the basics of lifting and bodybuilding. Their emphasis is on the really heavy movements that some of us tend to shy away from. If you cannot really pack up the guts to lift the way they do, and always look for shortcuts and the easier way out, then you have a long way to go. You must be ready to train like a wild animal, a beast to be precise otherwise your prospect of looking like a Greek god is as good as a dream.

The other gym that really racks up the brain is Dorian Yates’ gym, interestingly referred to as Temple Gym. This is another hardcore gym that you can chance upon every once in a while. When you walk in, you will immediately realize that there are no rugs, forget about the stereo too because no one is here to listen to the latest music or get some inspiration from bullshit music. The only thing that goes on here is business, serious business.

What this tells you is that if you really want to be a success in bodybuilding and lifting weights, you have to cut the crap off your schedule. Stop lazing around and get to work, really hard work. This will help you go so far.