I have been working out for a very long time, during which I have come across so many people who have tried different things to become successful at the gym. I have seen individuals get motivated and I have also come across those who were so motivated and for some reason they became so demotivated in the long run. What I know for sure is that when you are demotivated, you will never give your all to the workout process; you will always find a reason not to do something, you will be half-hearted in everything that you do, and you will never have a real shot at success. This is just but the main problem that you have to deal with when you are thinking about motivation and your workout schedule. If you do realize that you are no longer as motivated as you were before, do not let this take its toll on your life, your hard work, your success, something can be done about it. Something can be done right about it.

I always take pride in thinking that whatever it is that I do, I give it my best effort so far. However, when I realized that I was not putting in as much effort as I used to, I immediately knew that something was wrong, I did not have that drive anymore, I did not feel the need to go the extra mile anymore. Most people in such a situation would normally want to find someone to throw the blame on to, but not me, that is not how to deal with this. In as much as there are a lot of people that you might encounter when you get to the gym, assigning blame to them for your weakness is just a way of avoiding responsibility for your actions. When you are not motivated enough you have to accept it, and find a way of realizing that drive once again.

I normally keep a diary of everything that I do especially now that I am working towards a big competition that will be up in a few months. However, I have categorically not indicated in my diary that I am not as motivated as I was back when I started. Perhaps I am trying to avoid the reality that I have lost that drive, but then again, deep down I know what is wrong, and I have to do everything possible to get back on that horse. From the challenges that I have gone through, I have learnt to respect a lot of the bodybuilders that I see around especially when it comes to following their diet and their training schedules so religiously. It has not been easy for me, and I cannot tell anyone that it might be easier on them, but the only thing that I can tell everyone is that it is all about you. Everything you need to be motivated or to get out of that state of demotivation is all about you. Just think of how far you have come in order to be where you are today, and how much further you need to go, and you should be able to get back on track.