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Health and Fitness: How to Balance Your Day

Health and Fitness: How to Balance Your Day

April 3rd Training And Programs

Health and Fitness: How to Balance Your Day

The past couple months you have been thinking about making a lifestyle change so that you can lose some weight and gain some lean muscle. The question is, how do you balance eating well with great workouts, your job, and your social life? Kick-starting a new health and fitness journey can be difficult, so we’ve put together a basic guide to make your first month run smoothly.


Here are the basics to get you started


Meal Preparation

Eating good food is the trickiest part about starting a new fitness journey.  With constant urges to eat a mountain's-worth of mandi, we need to make sure the food you eat is the best.  Meal planning and preparation ensures that you always have good food around you - that way you won't have an urge to buy fast food!  Meal prep also means that you actually know what you're eating and when you will eat it, as all too often we go too long without food and then over-indulge to compensate. Having pre-made meals means we can eat at fixed times throughout the day, reducing the temptation to snack.


Set-up your workout schedule in advance

Try not to get in the habit of saying you will do your workout in the evening because you might get home from work exhausted and not want to train.  Do yourself a favor and sketch out a workout plan for the next month.  Use a combination of mornings and evenings so that you always know when your workouts are, and see they become a scheduled priority in your life.


Tell your friends/family

This may sound odd, but telling your friends and family about your goal will provide you with accountability.  Now that you’ve told people about your health and fitness goals you will try harder to achieve them so that you’re proving yourself to others as well as yourself.