There is nothing as nourishing as having a meal and you can see all the green components looking so fresh and enticing. Salad greens are an important part of your meal especially if you are trying so hard to make sure that you can at least keep your meal neat, clean and healthy. Choosing the healthiest greens is not one of the easiest things for most people to do because some of us never really know much about them. Any time that you are going out to have lunch especially in a salad bar, you can almost be certain that you will come across lots of fresh greens just waiting for someone to pick them up and add them to their plate.

The list of greens that you can add on to your plate is endless, from romaine to spinach and iceberg there is a lot of greens that you can add on to your plate. All of them always look healthy as is the case with all other greens in any food store or restaurant. However, the trick lies in choosing the most appropriate combination of the greens that will be good for your health. It is interesting that so many people often get it wrong when it comes to the issue of greens. The fact that you are adding a few greens to your plate does not in any way mean that you are eating healthy. There is so much more to it than you probably know about.

The USDA recommends that on average an adult should eat 2-3 cups of lettuce or its equivalent. Now you understand why adding just some shreds of lettuce on that bun is still not enough for you. A lot of people actually think that by so doing, they are living healthy by eating a few shreds of greens. Unfortunately this is so far from the truth. If you really want to eat and live healthy, you have to put your mind to it. If you are a smart individual you will need to look into a healthy salad. There really is no better way of getting your goals other than this.

For every cup of lettuce that you eat, there are nutritional benefits that you will stand to gain. Did you know that every cup of lettuce gives you 10 calories? Well, while taking that into consideration, we can also look at the fact that a big bowl of leaves will also provide you with folate, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K and a host of other nutrients that the body needs to function properly.

It is important for you to make sure that you select your greens carefully because not all of them usually pack the kind of nutrients that you want. As a matter of fact there are a lot of people who are so comfortable with the iceberg lettuce, which apparently ranks the lowest in terms of nutritional value. It is therefore important that you learn how to make the right choice.