I can remember the time when I started bodybuilding and lifting weights. I was so into it that I really could do everything possible to make sure that I had as much mass as I could get. I think my philosophy back then was that the more I could pump in the better it would be for me. I would make my way to the gym and try to do more reps, more sets and exercises just to make sure that I was as big as I felt was good enough. One thing that I can remember to date is how determined, disciplined and focused I was at whatever I was doing. The moment I got into the gym, nothing could set me and the equipment apart. I would do everything possible and follow my schedule just the way it had been designed. I can even remember the times when I was supposed to train the legs, but I really felt like working my back muscles. However, because I had a strict schedule to follow, I never went out of line at all.

My devotion to my training schedule was such that I would do everything possible to make sure that I only worked with what was on my schedule. Even if I felt like doing some squats, I would not attempt that unless it was in my schedule for the day. Before I could make my way to the gym, I would make sure that I went through my training schedule, plan through it, scheme around it and ensure that I understood it so much that it was pretty much branded into my psyche. You could say I was more like a robot, but I loved everything that I was getting out of it in the long run. My biggest worry was that if I ever stepped out of line and did something that I had never planned for, I might never have been able to achieve all my targets. Plus, I was afraid that this would cost me so much of the success I had already achieved so far.

Unfortunately, as I went on doing this, I was so obsessed with success that I ended up cramming so much into my workout schedule that I did not even have enough time for myself anymore. Soon it was very difficult for me to live up to what I had expected, and that was when the frustration set in. Over time I came to learn so much about working with my schedule and managing to give myself enough time to recover from the hard work that I had been up to all through the day. Just as any beginning bodybuilder would be made aware, there are no secret formulas, magic numbers or anything else. It is all about personal individual experience. What works for you might not necessarily work for someone else. You have to be free to experiment with different workouts so that you are able to earn that freedom to succeed in all you do at the gym.