Today not so many people might know who he is, but Dave Draper is one individual that is revered in the world of bodybuilding. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger even idolize him as one of the best bodybuilders ever to grace the world in the history of bodybuilding. Back in the 1960s and 1970s he was a household name for anyone who was in the bodybuilding field. As a matter of fact he was crowned Mr. Universe and Mr. World among other accolades which saw him rise high up the fame ladder and become one of the individuals you had to get to know about. So successful was he that he managed to star in both the world of bodybuilding while at the same time starring in movies. However, unlike most bodybuilders who would really enjoy the life in the limelight, he willingly gave it all up and dumped Southern California for Aptos where he had purchased some 12 acres of land.

Surprisingly his reasons for quitting the limelight were all personal. Dave never really felt so happy with what he was doing, and even though a lot of people looked up to him as the man to beat, in his own words he never felt like he was good enough to compete especially in consideration of the changes that were being made to the sport. Dave naturally loved to lift weights, and he loved to do it as naturally as possible. However, the new styles being introduced in body building meant that the closeness, the camaraderie and the love of the personal nature of the experience were all gone. He considered a lot of those who were venturing into the industry to only have shallow surface interest in body building, while his interest was so personal he felt so close to the gym. To him bodybuilding was something that he took seriously and would not stop at anything to get the best out of it.

Soon after he left LA he insists he willingly gave up all his contacts though every once in a while he comes to town for a few days to catch up with people, but after that he disappears back to the mountains. In as much as he left the sport so many years back, he still manages to go to the gym and workout as much as he can. Dave even pointed out that without going to the gym, he feels so dull, but once he is able to train, everything gets so harmonious.

He still manages to show his humorous side though, reminiscing that once they were in New York and he would see hordes of fans going after his father so that they could get his autograph just because of the fact that he was his father. Perhaps what he encourages most people to understand is that it is never too old for anyone to keep training as hard as he manages to do. Once you have that passion to lift weights in you, you should keep building on it to make sure that you can be healthier into the future.