I left the army back in 2003, and as it happens with so many other individuals in my situation, depression set in. It was hard dealing with life after being at war for so long and so many things never seemed to work according to plan. In some way I had gotten used to the war and life outside, looking after one another at war, and this new chapter was so different for me, I found it so hard to cope. Others turn to hard drugs, but I was not able to that, instead I turned to alcohol, and it was the only thing that I felt understood my situation, my pain and the challenges that I was facing coming back home. Earlier when I came home from the army I was only 215 pounds, but after a while and indulging in alcohol for some time, I was 255 pounds.

I fought a real battle with alcohol and eventually quit drinking alcohol. I made so much progress that in 2006 I even got married and thought that things were finally back on track. In my mind I had done everything that I thought was possible and I was finally seeing a positive side of life altogether. Little did I know that I was so wrong, and that I was digging myself to the grave one day at a time. I joined a gym and started working out, thinking that I could really build up on the progress that I had made so far. Unfortunately I was just pumping weights and lifting stuff without watching my diet. Soon after that I was 316 pounds; never had I ever imagined that I would hit that mark, but here I was.

Things changed in 2011 when I went for my VA checkup and was told I was pre-diabetic. To make matters worse, I had these two discs that were bulging in my back. This was not the worst part for me. The worst thing about this situation was that I had actually seen my dad go down with diabetes, and I immediately imagined myself going through the same. There was no way I was going to allow that to happen, and I made up my mind to do everything that I thought possible to make things better. I even had to leave my wife because she did not see my side of how this would be good for me.

I was determined to succeed, and the divorce from my wife even made my desire to succeed burn more than it normally did. Besides living a clean and healthy life, I was determined to prove to my wife that I was worth all that I said I could do through the sacrifices I made at the gym. When I came across Amy Colvin at the gym, I never imagined that one day she would be my fiancé, but that’s just how life works. She has really helped me see a different view of life, and her support has helped me beat diabetes and cut down 25% body fat.