Many are the stories that we have heard about those who have come from grass to grace and never looked back, and some of them might sound so fairy tale but they usually have some truth in them. If there is one thing that today I do appreciate about all the stories about making the impossible possible, it is that they can all be true. My opinion of such stories changed when I became the perfect example of such a success story. Back in the day I was so small, weighing around 115 pounds only. I was so small, pretty much one of the smallest kids in my school. Taking into consideration the fact that there were so many girls who weighed more than I did, it all fell into place that I was a shy guy back in school and of course for a reason. Everyone seemed to be bigger than I was, so I was intimidated by my lack of size.

The one thing that I never imagined especially with my size was that one day I would be a bodybuilder, 165 pounds to boot. Anyone who might have mentioned this sometime back would have really upset me because I never imagined that I had it in me. Perhaps my transformation was by chance, but bearing in mind how hard I have worked to get to where I am, I cannot say it has all been by chance.

While wondering how to go about my size, I chanced upon a guy who was also stuck in a situation similar to what I was going through. He had a small body and was determined to make himself bigger, and not look down upon himself. I can tell you for sure that he is one of the largest bodybuilders around, and the largest I have met so far in life. When we started training together, his basement gym was all we had. Inside there were only some dumbbells and a bench. He really helped me working out and pumping some mass into my body.

While a lot of people would pay attention more to the arms, he showed me how to do things right, from the arms to the legs and the back. Back in the day I was not really as interested as he was in making it, maybe because I had gotten so used to the small size that I had, and the shyness. However when I realized that most of my friends were doing this, and I could see the success that they were enjoying, I knew right then that this was what I really needed to do.

Of course I did make some mistakes along the way, but nothing I cannot say I did not learn from. I really worked my arms; at times I thought I was working them far too much. Maybe this was because for the first time in my life I was actually feeling and looking bigger. I even felt like I could bully someone if I wanted to, but am not that kind of person.