I was only 10 years old when I realized I had a thing for bodybuilding. Well, when you are 10 you might not necessarily realize that you need to start working out, so like most other individuals out there, my serious workout schedules started when I was in my twenties. I cannot lie to anyone that I immediately hit the gym and started working out. There was this phase in my life when all I did was sit down, sleep and dream about gaining muscles, bodybuilding and lifting weights. However, even though I really wanted to do this, I was rather shy and embarrassed to go out there and pursue my targets.

The fact that I was a small kid back then made me feel so embarrassed I would not venture into any gym. I thought it would be all too awkward for me to get into the gym and show my muscle-lacking arms at the gym, much to the amusement of all those bodies that looked like Greek gods. This would not stop me either. I went ahead and purchased some plastic weights and started my own workout routine from the basement of our home. Two weeks into my private regime and I was feeling a slight bulge on my arms and felt so happy.

I went back to school and training and bulking pretty much were shoved to the back of my immediate plans. However, whenever I came across someone who was well-toned I can only relate to the feeling of really wanting to go back to the gym and work so hard to be like them. Once the whole charade at school was over, I went back to the gym and was able to start from scratch again. I really wanted to get something out of this, so I tried everything that I could come across, some of which I cannot recommend to anyone today. Back then things were not so mainstream as they are today. I got my hands on weight gain powders, fad diets and tried some really crazy workout routines.

Unfortunately, I was going about everything the wrong way until I turned 29 and I started a new chapter altogether. I had to decide to either quit making frantic attempts to become bigger, or to get on a serious plan to build muscle in the right way. I had really spent so much, thousands of dollars to be precise in trying to get the kind of body I dreamt of. I had tried everything from peer advice which turned out to be bad advice, supplements, machines and so forth. None of these worked.

Eventually I joined a real gym (finally I had the courage), and funny enough when i walked in I was like a fly on the wall. It was like no one even noticed I was there. Everyone was busy working their own schedules to realize my body, and I even regretted why I never tried this in the first place. This really worked out for me, and the most important lesson that I learnt while at it was that lifting weights is not all there is to bodybuilding, but you have to adapt and change your life to bodybuilding.