While I was in high school there are so many things that I came to learn especially about myself that I might never have been able to learn from anywhere else. I was this fun guy, life of the party, that popular kid in school that everyone wanted to hang around. I was one of those cool kids in school who determine who is cool and who is a geek and my social status came with some perks. I had all these friends and my social circle was a very active and engaging one. However, the biggest mistake that I made was thinking that because I knew all these other kids, they were my friends, especially those that I considered close enough to me. Sadly enough as is the case with most high school stories, I came to realize soon enough that these were just convenient friends who were there when times were awesome.

I grew up an emotional eater, and with the social class I had in school I became a social drinker too. Soon I was a confused kid, unhappy but I already knew what I was going through, and I decided that I had to change. I realized that if I did not change I would be that fat kid and all of a sudden my popularity would go to the dogs. There was only one way out of this for me, working out and working on my physical appearance and while at it, working on my attitude too. It was not an easy journey – you probably have heard that far too many times, but then again I still have to point that out. So many times I wanted to quit and just live my life, but whenever I remembered all the convenient friends who wanted to see me fail, I figured I would not give them that satisfaction so easily.

It took me two years to lose 127 pounds, but when it was all said and done, I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life. One of the main challenges that I had was balancing my busy schedule with the workout and the dieting program that I was on. When I graduated from school and got hired at a chemical factory, things even got harder with my schedule. This is because I had to go to work while attending part time school at the same time. Nobody told me it was going to be this messed up, but in the end I realized that the prospect of beating the challenges was what kept pushing me on.

By the time I was through with it all, I was stronger mentally, thinking positively and my body was feeling so good. There are so many things that happen in life which we cannot control, but one of the best things I came to realize was that you can actually control your attitude. I had this thought process in my mind that no one would ever be able to outwork me, and it kept me going.