23 years man and his transformation from fat to muscular 

Today I find it interesting that I never had a problem growing up as an overweight child. When I look back at all the challenges that I have overcome, at times I wonder how I managed to survive without any serious health issues. However as you can imagine, growing up was tough, pretty tough. I never had it easy, just like any other overweight kid you might know. I could not take my shirt off to enjoy a swim in public with the other kids, each time I wanted to eat next to strangers I thought I could feel their eyes fixated on me. Even my choice of clothes was wanting. Perhaps I was too eager to hide away my big body, and with it my esteem slowly tucked under my clothes.

The first turning point in my life was right after I turned 23. I had my physical exam and everything about my vital organs was wrong. My doctor discussed the risk of high blood sugar, and he stressed the fact that if I got diabetes, I could be facing at least 7 years off my lifespan, and that was on the lower side. I knew all too well that reliance on medication might have helped with the situation, but would have turned me into a zombie. With a young wife and two small girls, I knew there was no way I was getting my life cut short.

I took to the internet to find a solution for my weight. After sifting through loads of crap online, I forked out $40 for Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle e-book, actually one of the best investments of my life so far. I started following the diet concepts outlined in the book, and soon I was able to move on to exercises. I read lots of books in the library on basic exercises with various dumbbells, and then eventually, bodybuilding.com was the final piece of the jigsaw that brought everything into perspective.

By the time I decided to join the gym, I was a bit timid and shy, but when I realized that so many people at the gym were doing the same thing I was, I opened up. There were people at the gym who I had known for some time, and they really encouraged me because they knew how far I had come. I had my goals set, and my targets to beat. At times things got so tough I contemplated quitting, but each time I reminded myself of how much I loved my young family and how I owed it to them to be there for the long haul. This inspired and became my driving force.

I even changed my routine to exercise before sitting to watch TV or play games on the computer. When I burst my shoulder and had a minor surgery to sort out the bursitis, I saw this as a minor blip on the way, but never gave up. Even with a sling on, I still followed my cardio religiously. There was no stopping until I eventually achieved my goals.