How I manage my time to be with my daughter

We make sacrifices from time to time in order to meet our goals. As a bodybuilder there are some things that you will have to let go of in the event that you want to dedicate your time to the gym. However, this does not mean that you should stop living and embrace the bodybuilding lifestyle so religiously that those around you can barely recognize you. Lots of bodybuilders struggle with time management because they do not have in place proper mechanisms to use their time appropriately. Time management ranks among the most important things that will make you succeed, and it is because of this that you have to be an organized individual and embrace these challenges.

Over time I came to realize that I wasn’t spending as much time as I wanted with my small girl because I would devote all my time and energy to the gym. However, if I kept this up I would have become quite the success. I later realized that success would not be so helpful to me if I lost the things that I hold dear, my family. Therefore something had to change, and it had to change fast. It is not just about the time I spend working out, but the amount of time that I spend when travelling from one business meeting to another also gets to me. My daughter has grown older and it’s almost as if I was never there to enjoy these moments. All I have is a screensaver which is a constant reminder of just how far from them I have been.

Because of my demanding schedule, I have had to reorganize a few things in order to restore a sense of balance. From the time I wake up around 4 in the morning, I am busy till I come back around 6-7 in the evening, and it is at this time that I get to play with her till she falls asleep. This gives me at least an hour daily with my daughter, but my weekends are either packed with office schedules or home chores, so I cannot count on that either.

My motivation to wake up every morning at 4 is not just to start my day off early, but to train harder in the morning so that I can be fit enough to handle the day ahead. By the time I come back in the evening, I turn off my phone, my computer and the TV and just dedicate time to my daughter. Living the bodybuilding lifestyle requires that you find a balance in your life. You will need to take a look at your diet, your training, every other aspect of your life that could change due to bodybuilding and find a good balance that will be effective for you.

Since every one of us only ever gets to live once, it is imperative that we make it count. I like to spend quality time with my daughter because she fills my life with so much joy. At times I like to think I do all I can to make sure that she can get the bright future that I have always wanted for her, but then again, that is what I really want for her in the long run.