Every other time I sit down and start talking to people especially the young persons in a bid to encourage them to give bodybuilding a chance, there is always a question that they never seem to stop asking. How did I start bodybuilding? This is a good question indeed, considering that there are so many people who for one reason or the other are not in a good position to either start out on bodybuilding, or take things a bit more seriously. Of course there will always be those individuals who need a slight push or some determination and words of wisdom from those who have been there and experienced the pain and glory of bodybuilding until they are where they are. Such is the story that I normally tell people. What I love about some of these young lads is the fact that they are normally very inspired especially by these stories of hard work and determination.

If there is anything that am so sure about is that of all the bodybuilders that are in the world today, not any one of them woke up one day and started lifting weights. Apart from that, not so many of them ever got to gain success from their first day working out. Therefore I can tell you that it took a lot of falls, picking myself up and getting back on track. We all however share something in common, something that keeps us driving on and keeping hard at the equipment every other day. We all have a motivation factor that we simply cannot fail to address. Though different people have different motivation factors, it is a fact that all individuals are pushed or driven by something to go to the gym every other day.

If there is one thing that i can tell anyone for sure, it is that bodybuilding will never be a bed of roses. Considering that I have been going hard at it for almost 15 years, I can tell anyone for certain that I have come so close to quitting more than enough times and this is a reality that you will face up to if you are giving this a try. However, what keeps you coming back instead of quitting altogether is not anything that anyone will tell you, but something that you have to figure out for yourself.

As a matter of fact, my parents in particular never really believed that this was the right career path for me. In their opinion, I would not be able to grow up like a normal child if I was to keep at bodybuilding the way I was keen to. However, what they never realized was that in my mind, I was already not an average child, I was more than average, more than the typical kid, and I believed I had more to offer, and there was more to life for me than they knew. Being parents I cannot blame them, but understand their predicament. You might however need a mentor as you go along this path, and with time you will realize how right you were to take up bodybuilding.