Over time I have always come across people who either claim that they are power lifters or that they have been doing some of the most successful lifting in the history of lifts. Whether or not this is true is something that not many people can be able to ascertain, but one thing that I can tell you for sure is that there is so much more to powerlifting that people need to know about. Powerlifting is an all-inclusive activity which includes sacrifice, honour, courage and the dedication to become the best of who you can be. I am one of those who have excelled in powerlifting, and the one thing that I can guarantee anyone is that I have seen so many people claim to be power lifters but they cannot come close to what powerlifting is all about.

There is a code of conduct that all power lifters live by. Some can say it is an unwritten rule, but it is something that you must have in you for you to succeed. It is not just about success in the gym but what I came to realize is that it is the kind of attitude that will get you anywhere you want in life. Power lifters never give up. That is one thing for sure, we never give up, not ever and we never even think about it. I really am proud of what I do at the gym and how much I keep working hard by the day to make sure that I can become a better individual. Whenever I go to the gym, I normally take pride in being one of the few individuals who will actually do everything possible to make sure that I get to achieve my goals. Because of this reason I find it really redundant to give up.

Back when I started out as a bodybuilder I was all psyched up about this new phase of my life and the prospect of being so strong really appealed to me. However, there was always something about power lifters that really got to me. I felt so bad when I lost at arm wrestling to any of the power lifters. In time I came to realize that I actually never felt so bad, but all I did was desired to be as strong as they were so that one day I would also be that strong individual that would beat anyone else at arm wrestling. Perhaps that was my cue to start training harder, but in the long run, I never gave up and I eventually learned how to become a power lifter.

There is a brotherhood in powerlifting, a brotherhood and a sense of belonging. It is something that you will hardly ever come across anywhere else. These are some features that you normally find hard to come by when you are working out anywhere. No one looks out for the other like we do in powerlifting and we make sure that everyone else is doing it right. From the moment you join the powerlifting fraternity, everything changes, all the barriers are broken.