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How to Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss from Your Workout Program

How to Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss from Your Workout Program

April 2nd Training And Programs

How to Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss from Your Workout Program

You might have heard the term “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. This is certainly true for weight loss. If you make food choices that cause inflammation and make your hormones go out of whack, then it’s unlikely that you’ll get the long-term weight loss results that you’re after. But with a healthy eating regime, the right workout approach, and some determination, you will get there!

Workout guidelines for long-term weight loss

1- Lift those weights!

It’s a common mistake to think that cardio alone is the best choice for long-term weight loss. Doing resistance training through bodyweight exercise (e.g. push-ups) and/or lifting weights helps you to build muscle. More muscle means that you will burn more calories, even when you’re resting!

2- Short, sharp cardio bursts

Progress your cardio workouts with interval training to spark your fat burning system into action. For example, instead of jogging continuously, every two minutes try sprinting as fast as you can for 15 seconds and then jogging lightly for the remainder of the two minutes.

3- Combination workouts

Combine the first two points into one workout to maximise calorie burning potential. You might add burpees, star jumps, skipping, or maybe even some sprints in between your weights exercises. Workouts such as CrossFit offer challenging weights and cardio combinations.

4- Change is good for you

Tweak your workout each month, and change it completely every few months. Challenging your body in different ways will help you avoid stagnation with both your fitness and your long-term weight loss goals.

5- Get the detail right

Make sure you’ve got an understanding of basic training program principles, or get yourself an excellent trainer who does. For long-term weight loss results, you need the right mix of rest, gradual exercise progressions and workout volume.

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